Monday, January 7, 2008

Choosing a Life Coach


By Rev. Diana Moore, certified hypnotherapist and Life Coach for over 20 years.

It seems today that a lot of people are life coaches or have a life coach. Until recently, no one really heard of a life coach. Usually, people went to friends, their church, their therapists, etc. for answers to their lives.

Since I have been “life coaching” for over 20 years without really realizing it, I asked myself, “who exactly is a life coach?” and “what do I feel makes for a great life coach?” I first took a good hard look at myself and asked some of my clients what they looked for in a life coach. The following are my definitions and what I believe makes for a great life coach.

A life coach is a person who is qualified to assist another in obtaining their goals. A life coach does not have to be a psychologist or psychoanalyst, but many do both. Some social workers are life coaches. A life coach is someone like a mentor who is paid by the client to assist the client in obtaining their goals, whether they be financial, career, health, diet, direction, relationship, career or job promotions or placements, and/or spiritual. To me a great life coach can coach a client about almost anything that the client would like to attain in life. A life coach does not solve the client’s problems, but rather coaches the client so that the client comes up with the solution. A life coach then may assign the client step by step action to take by a certain time frame to ensure that the client becomes responsible for taking action towards the solution.

It is important that a life coach and the client be compatible and that the coach is able to assist the client in obtaining their desired goals. For instance, if a client wanted coaching in the area of stock investments, a coach that is only geared to relationship coaching would not be so suitable. To me, a GREAT life coach can coach a client in any area of their life.

I have devised the following questions and criteria for those seeking a GREAT life coach. However, I also believe that the following criteria can be applied to a therapist, counselor, hypnotherapist and/or spiritual teacher or counselor.

Does your life coach inspire and provide information of benefit to you?

Does your life coach energize you, motivate you to action, increase your creativity, vitality and joy?

Does your life coach express his or her self in language that you understand? In other words, the life coach does not “talk down” or “talk up” to you.

Does your life coach continue learning and is your life coach willing to try different approaches or are they stuck in only one approach?

Does your life coach deal in the interest of humanity?

Does your life coach stimulate you to assist you in overcoming negative programming?

Does your life coach evoke mental and intuitive responses?

Does your life coach strengthen your will and enlighten your mind to further assert yourself to reach your goals?

Does your life coach encourage you, assist in your emotional, physical or mental healing?

Does your life coach bless your life by giving greater meaning to it, inspiring you to reach your own goals?

To me, a great life coach will do the following:

Attune to the client and his or her situation.

Perceive how the client will respond to the information and to express this information in a non-threatening, productive way so that the client will be more receptive to this information.

Always express the information given in a positive manner that will be understood by the client.

Provide insight, either provide or invoke from the client new possibilities, beneficial options or courses of action that best fit the client’s situation.

Give the client the information so that the client can learn to “life coach” themselves in attaining all of their goals.

Know that the client does have free will choice.

When I am first introduced to a client, I give a free 15 to 30 minute session to evaluate whether or not we are a good match. I want to know the client’s situation. I want to determine the desired immediate goals of the client. I want the client to know what they can expect from me and to get to know my personality and to feel comfortable with me.
If it is a match, I go over pricing and appointments. Prior to the first appointment, I e-mail them a simple questionnaire and agreement.

If your life coach, therapist, hypnotherapist, counselor and/or spiritual teacher or counselor does ten or more of the items listed above, you are on your way to achieving success in your life because you have probably selected AN AWESOME person to work with. And, Congratulations to yourself for having the insight to know that the person you selected is a great teacher.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Re-Creating Lives - One Soul at a Time

By changing and healing the way you think about the past, you can re-create your present and your future reality, even for your children and your children's children. As you are unique. There is no one in the universe like you and there never will be. You were created into this life with such love. You are born "just fine." And yet, from the time the egg hit the sperm in this lifetime your subconscious programming tape recorder turned on. You become "defined" by your parents, your teachers, friends, and society. Now, in order to achieve your goals and dreams, you must "refine" or "redefine" yourself. In addition, your past programming contributes to "dis-ease" of the mind which creates disease of the body. Release the root cause behind the "dis-ease" of the mind and you heal the body of disease. I cured myself of cancer without chemo or radiation by releasing the "root cause" or getting out the emotional reason behind my cancer. By pulling out the root of the weed, the weed can no longer exist. In order for our dreams to come true, one must pull out the weeds of our minds which were formulated by our early environment.

Workshops & Classes

  • Lightwork Class
  • Gemstone Balancing
  • Tarot
  • Subconscious Purification
  • Native American Power Animals
  • Inner Child Regression
  • Reiki
  • Color Healing
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Relaltionship Tracing Regressions
  • Energy Balancing Workshop
  • Eating Disorder Hypnotherapy
  • Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy
  • Lose Weight Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro Pathway Brain Re-Conditioning Sessions
  • EMF Balancing
  • Life Coaching/Life Direction Coaching
  • Self Empowerment Workshop
  • Psychic Development Workshop
  • Inner Child Workshop
  • Psychic Warrior Workshop
  • Chakra System Workshop