Thursday, November 29, 2007

Re-Creating Lives - One Soul at a Time

By changing and healing the way you think about the past, you can re-create your present and your future reality, even for your children and your children's children. As you are unique. There is no one in the universe like you and there never will be. You were created into this life with such love. You are born "just fine." And yet, from the time the egg hit the sperm in this lifetime your subconscious programming tape recorder turned on. You become "defined" by your parents, your teachers, friends, and society. Now, in order to achieve your goals and dreams, you must "refine" or "redefine" yourself. In addition, your past programming contributes to "dis-ease" of the mind which creates disease of the body. Release the root cause behind the "dis-ease" of the mind and you heal the body of disease. I cured myself of cancer without chemo or radiation by releasing the "root cause" or getting out the emotional reason behind my cancer. By pulling out the root of the weed, the weed can no longer exist. In order for our dreams to come true, one must pull out the weeds of our minds which were formulated by our early environment.

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